The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Court Services Division serves as an officer of the Brunswick County Courts and is responsible for security in the courts and execution of orders issued by the court. The division consists of a Lieutenant and Sergeant who supervise the bailiffs.

First Sergeant Brett Sasser

First Sergeant Brett Sasser

Duties & Responsibilities

The Court Services Division is responsible for the security, safety and order of the courthouse consisting of the Judges, courthouse employees and the general public. The courthouse is open from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm with the exception of night specialty courts. Prior to opening court each day, bailiffs check and prepare each courtroom for security purposes.

Court Services TourBailiffs monitor the front door security and provide safety and order in each courtroom throughout the day. Anywhere from 200 to 1000 people pass through the front door and in courtrooms, depending on the type courts we have at the time. The front door security is required to scan all items through the x-ray machine and metal detector to ensure that no weapons are permitted inside the courthouse.

Bailiffs assist judges with logistical issues when they arise, and coordinate with the other offices inside the court system such as the clerks and district attorneys office. This cooperation between departments ensures court matters are handled in timely, efficient manners and as safely as possible.

Inmate Transports

The Court Services Division is responsible for the transport of inmates to and from the Brunswick County Courthouse. Bailiffs escort between 10-40 inmates and/or other subjects to and from the Detention Center before, during or after court. They compare court dockets with current jail lists prior to each day of court to ensure that the correct inmates are transported for their court dates.

We ensure that we provide the amount of bailiffs necessary to each courtroom to ensure all safety measures are handled for the Judge and other courtroom personnel.

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