The Brunswick County County Sheriff’s Department Training Division is committed to deliver exceptional law enforcement training to both sworn and professional staff to prepare them for exemplary service to the communities we serve. The Training Division constantly strives to create an atmosphere conducive to the learning process to enhance professionalism in law enforcement with the primary goal of providing all employees of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office with the most up to date information, tactics and training that is available.

Major Sammy Turner

Major Sammy Turner

Lieutenant Daniel Little

Lieutenant Daniel Little

Holly Devane

Holly Devane

The Training Division provides the majority of the mandatory training at the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office has a state of the art training room that is equipped with all the audio and visual equipment necessary to provide training to its officers. The training of all Deputy Sheriffs and Detention Officers is governed by the North Carolina Sheriff’s Education Training and Standards Commission. The Commission approves and sets forth all the annual training requirements that must be met by all sworn personnel of the Sheriff’s Office.

The North Carolina Justice Academy is responsible for developing the lesson plans that are required to be implemented in annual in-service training program. The Training Coordinator is in constant contact with these and various other agencies to maintain a good working relationship within the law enforcement community.

Training Programs

The programs listed below, along with other duty functions, are what the Training Division handles on a daily basis. If you have any questions concerning what the Training Division handles or about training in general, please feel free to contact Captain Sammy Turner. The Training Division coordinates the following programs throughout the Sheriff’s Office:

In-Service Training

All of the annual Federal, State, and local government training is scheduled and delivered by Criminal Justice certified Instructors. The Sheriff’s Office currently has 14 certified Instructors on staff that teaches topics in areas such as Firearms, Driving, Hazardous Materials, Rapid Deployment, First Responder, First Aid, etc.

Field Training

All newly sworn Deputies and Detention Officers are assigned to a Field Training Officer. The Field Training Officer utilizes the Field Training Manual that is developed, updated, and maintained by the Training Division. The new officers will go thru a 10 week program that will supplement and build on the foundation that the officer learned in Basic Law Enforcement Training. Upon successful completion of the Field Training Program, the trainee will be released for solo duty.

Detention Officer Certification Course (DOCC)

The Detention Officer Certification Course is a 162 hour training program that all sworn Detention Officers in the State of North Carolina must complete within the first year of employment. The Training Coordinator serves as the School Director for this certification course. This course consists of 21 topics that the Sheriff’s Commission requires all Detention Officers to learn to successfully complete the training. At the end of the course, the students must take and pass a state comprehensive exam which is administered by the Sheriffs’ Standards Division.

Training Registrations

The Training Division registers all officers in training courses that are not offered at the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office registers officers at the North Carolina Justice Academy, which provides training to law enforcement agencies at no cost, Brunswick Community College, as well as various other institutions so that the officers can receive training that is necessary to perform the essential duties of a Deputy Sheriff or Detention Officer.

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