The Brunswick County Detention Center allows inmates at our facility to order commissary if the inmate has funds available in their account. All necessary meals and hygiene items are provided free of charge to all inmates at our facility and those available through commissary are additional, non-necessary items.

Inmate Account Deposits

The Brunswick County Detention Center offers two convenient ways for family and friends wishing to deposit funds into inmates commissary accounts.

​Deposit Kiosk at Detention Center

Lobby Deposit KioskDepositing funds into inmates commissary accounts can be done at a kiosk located in the main lobby of the Brunswick County Detention Center. Due to COVID-19, this deposit kiosk is only open for deposits Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm (excluding holidays). The lobby kiosk accepts Cash, Credit Cards and Debit Cards. Deposits made through the lobby kiosk will post immediately to the inmates accounts, barring no delays during holidays or weekends.

McDaniel Supply Company charges a service fee of $3.00 for each deposit made using the kiosk. For example, if $10.00 is deposited into an inmates account, the inmate will actually receive $7.00 in their account.

​Internet Deposits

Funds can also be deposited into inmates commissary accounts through the internet. McDaniel Supply Company, the Detention Center’s commissary vendor, accepts online Credit Card deposits through their website, McDaniel Supply Company. The person making the deposit can search for an inmate either by their name or inmate account number. A deposit confirmation will be sent to the email address provided at the time of the deposit.


McDaniel Supply Company charges a service fee based on the amount of the deposit for each internet deposit. For information about McDaniel Supply Company, including information about fees and charges click here.

Inmate Commissary & Care Packages

The Brunswick County Detention Center contracts with McDaniel Supply Company as the commissary vendor for our facility. General population inmates are afforded the opportunity to order items once a week. Various hygiene products, clothing items, writing materials and snack foods are available for purchase by those inmates with money in their inmate account. You may purchase and send packages to the inmates in the Brunswick County Detention Center as gifts using the Deposits & Inmate Care Packages link above.

Commissary Orders

Inmate Commissary KioskCommissary orders are processed once a week on Thursday evenings at 9:00 p.m. Orders are delivered on the following Tuesday morning. Inmates can only place commissary orders if the funds are available in their account before the processing time. All sales are final and there are no refunds for any commissary purchases.

Inmates who are released prior to receiving their commissary orders may pick up their orders at the Brunswick County Detention Center within three (3) days of the delivery date. Any commissary orders that are not picked up will be donated to charity.

Order Restrictions

Under certain circumstances, inmates may be limited on what commissary items are available for them to order. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Inmates that receive Disciplinary Sanctions or are placed in Disciplinary Segregation will only have access to hygiene products.
  • Inmates with certain medical conditions or allergies may be denied access to specific commissary food items.

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