Detention Command Staff

Detention Center Command Staff

The Detention Command Staff is directly accountable to the Sheriff for implementation of all of the Sheriff’s orders and direction concerning the operation of the Brunswick County Detention Center.

Chief Jane Evans

Chief Jailer

In February of 1995 Chief Jane Evans was hired as a part-time Detention Officer. In April of 1995, she was hired full-time in the jail as a Detention Officer where she worked until she was promoted to Corporal in 1998. She continued to advance through the ranks, making Sergeant in 2000, then Lieutenant in 2007 and Captain in 2011. In 2014 she was promoted to Chief and designated as the Chief Jailer.

Chief Jane Evans became the first Brunswick County Detention Officer to receive an Advanced Detention Officer Certificate in December of 2012.

  • Serving Since:1995

Lieutenant Michael Fowler

Operations Administrator

Lieutenant Fowler was hired full time in March of 2008. He was promoted to Sergeant in September of 2013 and First Sergeant in July of 2014. On September 27th, 2012, Fowler was chosen as the Eastern Region Detention Officer of the year by the North Carolina Jail Administrator’s Association. In July of 2016 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Michael Fowler is in command of the Transportation Unit and assists the Jail Administrators in supervising the daily operations of the Detention Center.

  • Serving Since:2008

Duties & Responsibilities

The Detention Center Command Staff is responsible for directing the operation of the Brunswick County Detention Center including the supervision of the detention staff, overseeing inmate care and adhering to department policies and procedures to insure the security, safety and well-being of employees and inmates.

  • Oversee the day to day, efficient operation of the Brunswick County Detention Center in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations. This includes housing, feeding, clothing, medical care, recreation, and safety of the inmates.
  • Supervise a staff of 60 plus employees.
  • Responsible for the oversight of 350 plus inmates.
  • Assist with the preparation and administration of a budget for Detention operations.
  • Prepare and recommend policies and procedures to assure that a high level of security is maintained in order to protect inmates, jail personnel and the public.
  • Conduct physical inspections of the jail as needed, in order to maintain security of cell blocks, including assuring that locks, windows, doors, etc. are in proper working order.
  • Communicate with the Chief Deputy, Sheriff, departmental personnel, inmates and the public to provide information and establish good relations with the public.

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